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30. May.2016

The prize will be awarded during the ESCAMPIG 2016 in Bratislava, combined with Vasco Guerra's invited general lecture.


APPLAuSE students in Técnico's PhD Open Days

27. May.2016

Some of our PhD students took part in the last edition of PhD Open Days, with posters presentations about the work they are developing.

Plasma Position Control using Electromagnetic Waves

06. May.2016

An IPFN and IPP team has, for the second time, demonstrated the viability of using electromagnetic waves for controlling the position of a fusion plasma.

IPFN successful contribution to ASDEX Upgrade

21. April.2016

A new multichannel X-mode reflectometer system has been successfully installed and commissioned on ASDEX Upgrade!

IPFN Guest Seminar - 26 April, 4pm

19. April.2016

Professor Paulo Limão-Vieira will present the theme "Biological and aeronomic molecular targets probed by charge transfer collision experiments, electron and photon spectroscopies" on the 26 April at 4pm, in VA.3