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28. January.2016

An international team of Physicists, lead by members of Técnico Lisbon and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, found an innovative path towards creating optical tornados, unusual forms of intense laser light that spin during propagation.


EUROfusion Workshop announcement

20. January.2016

IPFN is organising a EUROfusion Joint Working Session on Integrated Plasma-Wall Modelling, taking place in IST (Complexo Interdisciplinar) on 8-11 March 2016.

Book launch by Teresa Peña and Gonçalo Figueira

21. December.2015

The book Histórias da Física em Portugal no Século XX was launched the past 15 of December, 2015, at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Wolfgang Sandner [1949 - 2015]

09. December.2015

Wolfgang Sandner, the founder of Laserlab Europe, has unexpectedly passed away last December 5th.

APPLAuSE-ESC's Annual Meeting at IPFN

27. November.2015

The APPLAuSE Programme received the annual visit of the External Supervisory Committee's members from 23-26 November, 2015.