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13. October.2014

This year's International Summer School on "Low-temperature Plasma Physics: Basics and Applications" and the Master Class on "Plasma Kinetics" took place at Bad Honnef in early October.


Post-Doctoral position available

09. October.2014

For the Gas Discharges Gaseous Electronics Group, applications open until 30th November 2014

APPLAuSE students: time to go back to classes!

11. September.2014

The end of summer and the start of a new academic year was celebrated with an informal afternoon snack for all the staff.

Plasmasurf - 2014 Summer School in Plasma Physics

09. September.2014

Learn about what happened during (yet another) week full of plasmas, waves, surfing, sun, and fusion.

From Lisbon to Oxford, at the speed of light

07. September.2014

The 3rd edition of our highly successful Workshop on Lasers for Secondary School Teachers took place last July.